Few new details surface after a FFTYPE-0 HD update.


Today we found out Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming along well and will be released sometime in 2015 and Hajime Tabata also shared some new tidbits on Final Fantasy XV.

While Tabata compares Final Fantasy Type-0’s story to a war movie he later says Final Fantasy XV is a little different comparing it to a road trip kind of movie and adventure that focuses primarily on brotherhood.

Also, considering Type-0’s remaster is coming out in 2015 and one of its purposes is to “introduce” and led fans to buy a PS4 or Xbox One before XV comes out, that may hint that we won’t see Final Fantasy XV until 2016.

Anyways, no matter how much this means we will wait, stay tuned for more info since TGS is just around the corner and we’re still looking for the promised update “later this year”.


FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 to be released in 2015.


As reported earlier today, Final Fantasy Type-0 is 80% completed as the project actually started in July 2012, around the time Final Fantasy XV was shifted to current gen consoles. 

Hajime Tabata didn’t give a concrete release window but said that by August 2015 we would be playing the game already, giving people an opportunity to buy a PS4 or Xbox One while waiting for Final Fantasy XV, also hinting the game won’t release until 2016.

A digital PSP version or even a PS Vita version are out of the question since the main goal was always to bring Type-0 to the bring screen. Assuming since the game never got out of Japan, it won’t come with any new story content from its original version but will, of course, include updated graphics and controls and also a new difficulty system since many Japanese gamers thought the game was too difficult.

Visually, the game looks good and smooth but not at the level of what we saw of Final Fantasy XV in 2013, but still impressive.

We’ll update you as soon as any news surface.



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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is 80% complete


At PAX Prime a 20-minute demo was shown for the press running on current gen consoles. According to IGN, the game is visually and technically impressive but not to the level of what we’ve seen of Final Fantasy XV— this is understandable as Type-0 is originally a PSP game. Director Hajime Tabata was also asked about the case of it being not planned for the PS Vita, and has stated that it’s due to solely focusing on its console playability and appealing to a wider audience on the big screen (perhaps to not slow down development time as well).

It seems that we’re going to see the game’s release even before FFXV! It’s also likely that we’ll get more info and a new trailer once the TGS period starts. Stay tuned!


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